YOGABODY is an international yoga company that sells products and offers trainings around the world. It also operates three yoga studios in the beautiful city of Barcelona offering a fitness-based, non-religious and inclusive kind of yoga.

As a part of the creative team, I designed and executed several videos to use in different campaigns to promote the studios. They were used basically on Instagram, Facebook and on the company's website.   
YOGABODY 30 - Encuentra tu mejor version (Find the best version of yourself)

To encourage people to start a new year discovering the power of yoga we did this motivational campaign with most of our teachers. It was based on the idea that quite often it just ourselves who set the limits for what we can achieve and therefor it's in our hand to bring change into our lives. I wrote the script, directed the filming and edited the final video. 

We are surrounded by limits. By barriers. By obstacles.
The ones that others impose on us.
And the ones we impose on ourselves.
But obstacles can be overcome. Limits can be expanded. 
The power to do so it's also within you. Don't doubt it. 
There's a better version of yourself awaiting. 
Are you gonna let your other half convince you. 
The half that says that you CAN'T,
that you should be doing something else instead,
that this is not really your thing. 
Strength is in your mind.
Flexibility is in your mind. 
Accept the challenge and find your better self.
What are you waiting for? (Spanish, Catalan & English).
Without rules. Without prejudices. Without paraphernalia. 
Only you. (Spanish, Catalan & English).
Your mind. Your body. And your breath. 
There's a better version of yourself awaiting. 
Don't miss it. 
YBF Summer campaign

With summer approaching we prepared this video to promote a "discovery" offer and get people excited about joining YOGABODY's community during summer time. The idea was that the voice over and the graphics didn't speak directly about doing yoga but you could related it through the footage.
I wrote the script and recorded the voice over. Later edited the video using existing footage. Finally I designed the graphics for people watching with the sound off.

This summer I want beach.
And mountain. 
To relax and to breathe. 
I want to be with my friends. 
To laugh until it hurts. 
I want adventures and to discover new places.
I want to do things that seemed impossible to me.
I want to fly. 
(Text) 21 days of yoga for only 21€.
And you? What plans do you have for this summer? 
YBF Unlimited week 

This video was to promote the offer of one unlimited week of yoga to try as many classes as you wanted. We also wanted to showcase YOGABODY's fitness-based, dynamic and inclusive style of yoga. 

One unlimited week of...
Yoga. Fun. Meeting people. Exercise. Relaxation. Flexibility. Strength. Balance.
Breathe. Play. Sweat. Explore your limits.
Discover another way of practicing yoga.
Get your unlimited week of yoga now.    

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