Catalonia, Terra de somnis
Hitchcock said to avoid working with kids in films. Well… he said nothing about working with a whole school! Turns out that if you give them paper planes and you let them play, wonderful things can happen.
The big challenge for this project was coordinating with the school to come up with a schedule that allowed us to include every class in every grade in the video. The story was simple and clear and we managed to give every class a part in that story, even for the youngest kids in kindergarten.
We knew the video had to be colourful, that’s why we decided to play with the warm and vibrant colours of the school itself, natural light and the coloured papers used to make the planes.  
Roles: Director, camera, editor, post-production and graphics.
Camera and production assitant: Cordelia Alegre
Camera and DOP: Clàudia Barberà
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