I’m passionate about a lot of things, but I’ve always had a soft spot for cinema and storytelling. That's why I majored in media, to become a movie director (like 80% of my classmates). Turned out there's a lot of ways out there to tell stories and cinema was not exactly what I was looking for, so I kept searching.  
After I graduated I did a couple internships where I was doing video editing and filming, but also preparing interviews, organising events, handling social media... I didn’t have a clear direction in mind regarding my future until I started getting more and more into After Effects. That was when, digging in the internet to find tutorials I discovered that motion design was actually a thing. A thing that brought together so many of my passions, including my kind of forgotten but never lost passion for drawing.
Fast forward, I freelanced for a couple of years (great time, a lot of freedom and a lot of insecurity as well) and then got hired by a yoga company as an in-house video editor and motion graphics artist. That’s where I currently work, now as creative director.
I keep editing a lot, producing videos and screenwriting, but trying to incorporate more and more my passion for animation and motion graphics into my work. I believe that having as many tools and supports as possible, makes you more capable of explaining stories in the best possible way.
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